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Roccamore shoes are designed by Danish designer and founder of Roccamore, Frederikke Antonie Schmidt.

After graduating from the prestigious design school, Polimoda, Frederikke worked for several luxury brands before returning to Copenhagen, where she developed her unique sole and started her own brand of comfortable high heels.

Roccamore's sole has been validated by scientific research at Hvidovre Hospital.

"The orthopaedic stilettos are built with support in the arch and a small cushion that presses up under the forefoot, creating a larger contact area under the entire foot. In this way, you distribute your weight and relieve pressure on the forefoot, among other things."

The study was conducted by PhD and specialist in orthopaedic surgery at Hvidovre Hospital Jeannette Østergaard Penny.

Tietoa lahjakortista:
  • Delivered via text message
  • No extra fees
  • Print your own gift card.
  • Direct delivery or desired time
e-mark Kaupallamme on e-mark-merkintä:

Ostajan turva 1300 €
14 päivän perumisoikeus
Toimitus sekunneissa

Lahjakortti on voimassa:

The gift card can be redeemed at Roccamore's stores or on roccamore.com.

How to redeem the gift card in-store

The Roccamore gift card is sent via email or SMS with a link to the gift card to Roccamore.

The recipient clicks on the link and can view their Roccamore gift card (This can also be printed).

The staff enters the code, and the gift card is thus redeemed.

How to redeem the gift card in the webshop

You select the products you wish to receive.

Fill in your delivery information On the payment page, enter your gift card code.

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